Light Blocking Sleep Mask – Rayless

Tired of Uncomfortable Sleep Masks? Meet Rayless.

Self-Adhesive. No Straps. Eyelash Friendly.

Sleep. Anytime. Anywhere.


The Rayless sleep mask blocks light so you can sleep in total darkness.

Rayless Adhesive Mask

The Best Way To Get Great Sleep

Our mental and physical health starts with deep, quality sleep. Rayless helps you feel completely rested by blocking the light that disturbs sleep.

Woman sleeping with Rayless Mask

Sleep Comfortably. Wake Up Rested.

A foam layer lifts the mask off your face and eyes to keep you comfortable, while a gentle adhesive layer keeps the mask from moving or falling off as you sleep. When you wake, removing the mask is easy, with no residue left behind.

Happy man waking up refreshed
Rest Restored

A Simple Fix. Life Altering Results.

You know how you feel after a great night’s sleep - able to take on anything. Work, relationships and exercise: they are all easier when you’re rested. A better night’s sleep is the simplest way to experience a better life. The Rayless sleep mask is the easiest way to get better sleep. Sleep better today. Buy The Rayless Sleep Mask.

Image of Man Waking Up Refreshed and Happy
Why It Works

The Simple Pleasures Of Restful Sleep

The all-around seal on the Rayless mask blocks light from your eyes so you can go to sleep (and stay asleep), anytime, anywhere. Soft hypoallergenic materials make it easy to wear for a nap or a full night’s sleep. No bands or straps to get in the way. Just the simple pleasure of restful sleep in total darkness.

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The Rayless Sleep Mask

Ready To Get Better Sleep?

If you’ve tried other masks, or if you’re just discovering a way to get better sleep for the first time, using the Rayless mask will help you rest comfortably!

The Rayless Sleep Mask

Sleep Better, No Matter Where You Are.

Created in USA

Not Made With Natural Rubber Latex


Guaranteed Comfort