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Frequently Asked Questions

Rayless Sleep Mask

Crafted & Designed With Complete Light Blocking Capability

We need good sleep quality to achieve and maintain our physical and mental health. Rayless provides what we need to be completely rested in a comfortable, portable package. With soft, hypoallergenic, lightweight, opaque materials, Rayless is comfortable to wear all night long. Rayless is not made with natural rubber latex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Rayless created?

Because we were tired of not sleeping. Just like you, we were suffering from too much artificial light at night and noticed that our friends pulling night shifts were suffering too. Without a way to block out sunlight when they needed to sleep during the day, they weren’t getting the restorative sleep they needed. That got us thinking about all the people who need to catch up sleep: business travelers en route, parents of infants, late night hospitality workers, the engineer of the train we take after a night out… the list goes on.

Why is everyone having such a hard time sleeping?

Poor sleep is a problem created, in part, by advances in technology. Exposure to artificial light sources has ruined our natural circadian rhythms, and the problem is getting worse. (Are you reading this in bed? Then you see what we’re talking about.) This has major consequences for our mental and physical well-being. Using Rayless helps to tilt the odds in your favor and take back control over your sleep.

How does Rayless work?

Rayless blocks the light that can keep you awake (day or night) in a comfortable, portable package. The mask can help to provide you the sleep environment nature intended, limiting the negative impact of exposure to artificial light. And with no bands or straps, the mask is more likely to stay on your face for hours, giving you a go-to tool to tackle a daily problem.

What’s the adhesive made of?

Rayless is the world's first eye-covering sleep mask that uses a circumferential foam adhesive seal combined with multiple light-blocking layers. The adhesive is made with hypoallergenic materials. It is not made with natural rubber latex. It is intended for users of virtually any skin type, including sensitive skin.

What makes Rayless so much better than other sleep masks?

If you’ve tried conventional masks you know that they don’t completely block out head-on light and they let light creep in around your nose or at the sides of your eyes. Straps can be annoying at best and ineffective at worst, letting the mask slip off as you sleep, leaving you prone to wake up before you’re ready. Rayless is better at blocking light and is more comfortable than a conventional mask.

Who is Rayless for?

Anybody who’s tired of being tired. Rayless is a fit for virtually any adult who would like more restful sleep or more control over his or her sleep cycles. Do you want to get to sleep faster? Sleep during the day? Sleep in late during the morning? Have more effective naps? Wake up less in the middle of the night? Get back to sleep faster after waking up in the middle of the night? Then Rayless may be right for you. (If you’re looking to take a nap in a solar field or sleep in Times Square, this probably isn’t the solution you need.) Rayless may not be right for you if you sleep face down, don't like things on your face, or don't like total darkness. If you have other questions about whether this product is right for you, consult a physician.

Is Rayless safe for sensitive or delicate skin? Does the adhesive leave a residue?

The materials and adhesive are intended for safe, comfortable use and removal on a nightly (or daily) basis. The adhesive leaves no residue. Please consult your physician prior to use if the skin around your eyes tears or bruises easily.

How long does the adhesive last if the masks are not used?

If the masks are stored at room temperature in a dark place with low humidity, the adhesive will retain stickiness for at least one year.

Can I still wear nightly eye or face cream?

Cream applied right under your eye should be fine. Otherwise, creams applied where the Rayless adhesive touches your face will interfere with the all around adhesive seal, so best to skip them. Besides, a great night sleep is the best thing for your skin and eyes.

Does Rayless come in more styles?

Rayless comes in one size, and was designed to fit all head types. Rayless currently comes in black only, which provides the best light-blocking capability.

How do I use Rayless?

Apply the mask to clean, dry skin. You can wash your face or take a shower prior to use. Each mask can be used 10 to 30 hours depending on how oily your skin is. After you wake up, place Rayless onto the clear liner sheet included with each mask, which will maximize the life of the adhesive.

Where can I buy Rayless?

Rayless can be bought on this website ( exclusively. There are no authorized resellers at this time.

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We're proud that the Rayless Mask was created in the USA.


All of the materials in the Rayless Mask are biocompatible


Our mask is completely hypoallergenic and perfect for those with allergies

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