How It Works - Rayless

How It Works

Rayless Sleep Mask

Designed To Block Light. Crafted For Comfort.

We need good sleep quality to achieve and maintain our physical and mental health. Rayless provides what we need to be completely rested in a comfortable, portable package. With soft, hypoallergenic, lightweight, opaque materials, Rayless is comfortable to wear all night long.

It’s no secret that most of us are tired. Sixty percent of Americans report struggling with sleep.

What’s keeping us awake? The leading cause is light pollution, especially at night when the “sky glow” of artificial lightning can make the sky up to 50x brighter than the natural night sky. The American Medical Association has even issued health warnings regarding light pollution in urban centers.

If you’re exposed to night time lights you probably experience the following:

  • Less than six hours of sleep per night
  • Dissatisfaction with your sleep quantity and quality
  • Daytime fatigue and impaired functioning
  • Wake up confused during the night

The solution researchers suggest is a simple one: block the light.

A sleep mask is an easy solution, but conventional masks can’t completely block out light. They’re also hard to wear all night because of pressure to your eyes and uncomfortable straps or bands. Plus they often slip off during sleep.

That’s why we created Rayless.

Image showing the unique layers of the Rayless mask.

Medical Grade Adhesive Seal

A sleep mask, not made with natural rubber latex is gentle enough to remove easily, but stays put while you sleep.

Edge-To-Edge Protection

Blocks annoying light from peeking around your nose or corners of the mask.

Lightweight Materials

Foam layer raises the mask up off your face to keep your eyes comfortable.

One Size Fits All

Created for men and women, Rayless fits most adults.

Comfort Defined

Created In The USA

We're proud that the Rayless Mask was created in the USA.


All of the materials in the Rayless Mask are biocompatible


Our mask is completely hypoallergenic and perfect for those with allergies

Ready To Get Better Sleep?