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Can’t Sleep? Solutions to Insomnia

Can’t Sleep? Solutions to Insomnia

May 2nd, 2022

If you’re suffering from bouts of insomnia, it can be very frustrating. After all, after a long day, the one thing you want to do is unwind and fall asleep to get re-energized for the next day. Luckily, there are many steps to take to change your behavior and lifestyle to help you get better sleep.

Wake up at the same time every day

While you may want to sleep in on the weekends, studies show that if you suffer from insomnia, its important that you get up every day at the same time to train your body and mind to wake up at the same time.

Limit the amount of naps you take

If you sleep during the day, it’s likely that you’ll have problems sleeping at night as your body and mind are no longer as tired as they would be because of a nap. It’s important to maintain a regular sleeping pattern and train yourself to associate sleep with darkness. If you’re looking to block out light for complete darkness, a sleep mask is a great and affordable way to achieve this.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly will  improve sleep quality. But, make sure not to work out before going to sleep as you will want to control feeling stimulated.

Make your sleep environment as comfortable as possible

Control the temperature in your home, block out light, and avoid as much noise as possible before putting your head on the pillow.

Block out light

Seeing light before bed, or while you’re trying to sleep can really affect how well you sleep. Avoid using a phone or tablet, or watching TV, and make sure to block light by wearing a comfortable sleep mask.

Reduce stress

There are many ways to control your stress. Some include progressive muscle relaxation (perhaps with audio tapes), deep breathing techniques, imagery, meditation, and many others.