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Sleep Mask Benefits: Why You Should Wear One to Bed

Sleep Mask Benefits: Why You Should Wear One to Bed

May 31st, 2022

The dreaded long-haul flight: engine noise, cramped seats, turbulence, cabin lights. At some point, we’ve all experienced this. How does anyone sleep in that environment? The key is to filter out as many disturbances as possible.

Headphones or earplugs take care of the sounds, but light can be just as disruptive to peaceful sleep. Many people, whether traveling or at home, use sleep masks to block unwanted light. But does simply covering your eyes actually help you get better sleep? Let’s find out.

Sleep mask benefits

At least one study suggests that sleep masks might help promote better sleep in otherwise inhospitable situations. Researchers in China re-created an intensive care unit and gave several volunteers sleep masks, melatonin, and ear plus

Participants spent one peaceful night in darkness and silence, then researchers turned on the lights and pumped up the volume. As you might expect, subjects had a harder time sleeping: their melatonin levels were lower, and they reported increased anxiety as well as poor quality of rest.

When to Use Sleep Masks

Sleep masks are an easy fix when there is no other way to block disruptive light. Like patients in an ICU, passengers on a plane have no control over their environment, so a sleep mask like the Rayless Sleep Mask is a great way to simulate darkness without exerting too much effort. Sleep masks are also highly portable and machine washable, so they’re perfect for travel.