Why Rayless - Rayless

Why Rayless

Rayless Sleep Mask

Engineered For Great Sleep!

An all around adhesive seal. Soft hypoallergenic materials. A shape that conforms to your face. Layers of light blocking material . Rayless is different than other sleep masks.

Sleep Comfortably All Night Long

The gentle adhesive of Rayless ensures the mask stays on as long as you sleep. No uncomfortable straps to wake you, or slip off in the night. Rayless is the first sleep mask that’s disposable, strap free, and truly light blocking, for a comfortable dark environment all night (or all nap) long.

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Wake Up Rested And Enjoy The Day!

It’s hard to have a good day without a good night’s sleep. Rayless creates the darkness you need to sleep deeply and truly recharge. Welcome back power naps and say hello to a restful night time sleep.

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Features & Benefits

The Best Way To Get Great Sleep

Here is your chance to switch on the darkness you need for a restful night’s sleep.

Darkness, Day or Night

Rayless conforms to your face and can block light all around your eyes.

Comfortable For All Night Use

Soft materials make Rayless a dream to wear no matter how long you sleep.

A Layer Of Extra Care

A foam layer lifts the mask off your eyes so they can move freely. Bring on the REM sleep.

No Washing Required

Rayless is disposable so swap out your mask with a fresh one as often as you like.

Improves Your Sleep Cycle

Lay down in delicious darkness and get into a healthy circadian rhythm of good sleep.

Energy To Do The Things You Love

What can’t you do after a great night sleep? Answer: nothing.

How It Works

Designed To keep the light out!

Rayless offers what we all wished a traditional sleep mask would do: A chance to sleep comfortably in total darkness.

Rayless Sleep Mask

The Rayless Sleep Mask Versus Other Sleep Masks

Comfortable. Portable. Disposable. Rayless is your sleep mask - rethought and redesigned for real rest.

The Rayless Sleep Mask

Other Sleep Masks

Strap free comfort

Traditional masks have straps, elastic, or even velcro, to hold the mask to your face. These can be uncomfortable to lie on (and mess up your hair).

Disposable and sanitary

No need to wash Rayless. Change your mask when you need fresh adhesive. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Truly light blocking for naps and night time

Designed with layers of light blocking material Rayless is strong enough to block out daylight and bright sky glow from artificial lights.

Weightless on your eyes

If you’ve felt the eyeball squish of a tight traditional mask, you know why we added a foam layer to lift the mask comfortably off your eyelids. (Go ahead and give it the blink test.)

All around darkness

The all around adhesive seal minimizes annoying light peaking in around your nose or at the corners of your eyes.

Created In The USA

We're proud that the Rayless Mask was created in the USA.


All of the materials in the Rayless Mask are biocompatible!


Our hypoallergenic mask is intended for safe everyday use.

Start Getting Great Sleep Today!